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On April 1,2005 Saya-cho, Tatuta-mura, Hachikai-mura, and Saori-cho of Ama-gun merged to form the Prefecture's 32nd city, Aisai City, with an area of 66.6km2.It has a flat topography with fertile soils nurtured by verdant nature. The area thrived as a key point on a branch of the old Tokaido road. It also had a lively history as a post station for the Sanri no Watashi waterway. The region’s prosperity kept pace with the flow of the river, but the history of our forebears was nevertheless a battle with water. Recently a new sense of value has taken hold that calls for spiritual wealth. Looking to the future, Aisai City aims to be city with a beautiful environment and rich culture, with links to the expressway. We will all work together in pursuit of harmonious community development.